Why should you use an influencer marketing agency?

With influencer marketing there’s lots of different routes you could go down in terms of campaign planning and who to work with.

  • Inhouse Some brands/companies do this in-house organically, they manage all of the relationships and searching. Whilst this can mean cost saving, it’s time consuming and if left to someone inexperienced, could end up costing more money than it would outsourcing to an agency or platform.

  • Influencer Platform Speaking of influencer platforms, these are great for time saving in terms of finding the influencers quickly. However it is expensive, you might not get a response from that said influencer by cold-emailing them through a platform. depending on the platform, you can’t also guarantee there’s a big enough pool of influencers signed up to that platform, or how they qualify them as quality influencers.

  • Influencer Marketing Agency Using an influencer marketing agency might mean you lose the relationships with influencers directly, and you’ll need to pay them an agency fee, but there are many benefits to paying them their fee (and we might be slightly biased 😉)

    Here’s 5 benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency…

  • Saves time and money. They facilitate the full end-to-end campaign. From developing the influencer strategy to finding and contacting influencers, negotiating fees and utilising their relationships with influencers, as well as reporting back on the campaign. The amount of time saved knowing that an expert agency is managing the process for you is priceless!

  • Leads to Continuity in Marketing Campaigns. Partnering with one influencer marketing agency to coordinate your influencer campaigns leads to a more consistent brand and consumer experience. Influencer agencies generally have built up a roster of preferred influencers. They know who is likely to work best with your brand’s audience. At Bee Influence we don’t manage influencers either, meaning we have absolutely no bias with whoever we work with.

  • Relationships. Because they work with so many influencers, this means not only do they have the relationships to help your brand, they are aware of the current rates in the market, and can assess based off their knowledge whether an influencer is worth what they’re charging.

  • They do all the admin work. It is underestimated how much admin and labour goes on behind the scenes for each influencer campaign. If you’re working with 100 influencers on one campaign, that’s 100 conversations, negotiations, time in analysing their data, briefing and contracts all at once!

  • New perspective from an expert As influencer marketing is their expertise, they can help spot new trends, and bring a new perspective to your brand, something an in-house team might struggle with in their day to day roles.

Vivian Yau