What Is Influencer Marketing?

What Is Influencer Marketing?

The question on every marketer’s lips. What is influencer marketing?

One of the biggest buzz words to enter marketing since Social Media, Influencers are the new kids on the block. How you use them can make or break your digital strategy, but they are still a relatively misunderstood demographic.

The easiest way to think of Influencers, are as friends or family. Ever recommended a perfume to a friend? Congratulations, you’re an influencer. The reason being, is that your friend trusts your opinion, you have similar tastes, you’ve made good recommendations in the past, and so maybe they will give this new perfume a go.

Influencers work in a very similar way, they build up often large followings on social media, of people with like minded tastes and opinions. Conversations take place regarding what’s new in that particular circle, with products often discussed, rated, shared and recommended.  But how can marketers benefit from this?

Word of mouth has always been the golden metric every marketer craves. How do we generate a hype about our product? How do we get people to talk about it and tell their friends? How do we track it?  Enter Influencer Marketing.

Developing a strong Influencer strategy involves finding influencers that match your brand identity. Maybe they’ve spoken about your products before, or they are an advocate for what your brand believes in. But just with friends and family, relationships are key. Say hello, introduce yourself, offer to collaborate on a project, maybe invite them in to show them how you do things? Sharing is caring after all.

Influencers are constantly updating their own personal brand and establishing an identity for themselves. Often, they will look to brands to collaborate on their own ideas, and if you already have a relationship in place, your brand might be front of the queue.

Influencers are not mythical Unicorns who are hard to find, often they are just as much looking for you, as you are them. Influencers are everywhere, you just have to spend a little time getting to know them.

As a dedicated influencer marketing agency we pride ourselves on having amazing relationships with our influencer network, relationships we have spent years building by understanding influencers and their needs.  If you are looking for Influencers to add to your network, we’d be happy to make an introduction.

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