Why should you use an influencer marketing agency?

Using an influencer marketing agency might mean you lose the relationships with influencers directly, and you’ll need to pay them an agency fee, but there are many benefits to paying them their fee (and we might be slightly biased 😉)

Here’s 5 benefits of working with an influencer marketing agency…

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Vivian Yau
How do you measure ROI in an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

So you’ve got your strategy in place, your influencers lined up to create content and you’re ready to go. So how do we measure ROI in an influencer marketing campaign effectively? There’s various ways of doing this, whether it be manually, or by using an influencer marketing platform which automates the process. Either way, it’s really important that you establish your influencer marketing campaign measurements right at the beginning of planning your marketing strategy.

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My love/hate relationship with influencer marketing and social media

Similarly, I feel the same about influencer marketing, or just social media in general. ‘At work me’, lives and breathes influencer marketing. I could talk about the wonders of influencer marketing for days, educating clients, pitching campaigns, debating with other industry professionals. Improving the reputation of influencer marketing. I love seeing other brands/agencies new campaigns. I like how we are learning constantly, with new platforms, ever-changing regulations, trends that may not actually be trends. It never gets boring.

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What Is Influencer Marketing?

One of the biggest buzz words to enter marketing since Social Media, Influencers are the new kids on the block. How you use them can make or break your digital strategy, but they are still a relatively misunderstood demographic.

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Mark Dandy